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Silicone Based Shunt Systems

All the silicone based valves are designed and manufactured using polypropylene and silicone elastomer, which decreases the possibility of deformation of the valves due to sticking. None of the valves contain any metal parts, which gives them the uniqueness of non-interference with MRI or CT scans. The radiopaque barium marks on the valves indicate pressure, flow direction and valve-to-catheter approximation. Moreover, all the valves are built in with a membrane valve mechanism and incorporated with reservoirs for percutaneous cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) access.

Moreover all the DESU valves have high technology version that contains antibiotics in the silicone body of the valves. Antibiotic impregnation of the silicone body is a one of a kind quality that none of the other valves in the market has. Controlled release of the impregnated antibiotics from the silicone body for a duration of 28 days is also the ultimate method for infection prevention, which is one of the main problems of shunt surgery.

DESU Medikal silicone shunt systems are manufactured and supplied in three pressure categories: low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure.

Pressure LevelsStandard Shunt Pressure Range (mm H2O)Shunt Marking
High pressure110 - 180•••
Medium pressure50 - 110••
Low pressure10 - 50