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External Lumbar Drainage System

DESU® External Lumbar Drainage System consists of 1 ENDS (External Neurological Drainage System) and 1 External Lumbar Drainage Catheter kit. The External Lumbar Drainage System is used when use of permanent shunt implant is not necessary or suitable to reduce the CSF pressure by means of CSF drainage through the subarachnoid cavity.

Desu Medical

ENDS (External Neurological Drainage System) consists of the following parts:

• 1, female luer connector and luer cap (to connect the catheter to the distal outlet)
• 1, 60 cm reinforced rope with locking mechanism
• 1, 30 cm measurement scale (to adjust the CSF level according to mm Hg level)
• 1, 100 ml drip chamber with anti-microbial filter
• 1, 250 cm patient line that consists of: 1 male luer connector with cap, 3 three-way connectors, 1 y-connector with injection port, 4 clamps
• 1, 700 ml sterile drainage bag that has: an air filter, 1 outlet and level indicators at every 100 ml and has an air-filter
• 1 ventricular (standard/antibiotic impregnated) or lumbar drainage catheter (standard), according to intended use

External Lumbar Drainage Catheter kit consists of the following parts:

• 1 External Lumbar Drainage Catheter
• 1, stainless steel trocar needle with bended tip to allow catheter passage under the skin during catheterization
• 1 luer connector
• 1 silicone fixation tab